秒速赛车怎么玩The Knape & Vogt Leadership Team represents a collaborative group of problem-solvers with deep industry experience within their specialties. All of our corporate officers are aligned around a common commitment to delivering exceptional products and service and maximizing the value of our company—to our customers, their customers, and our partners and investors.

John Montigny
President and Chief Executive Officer
As president and CEO, John is responsible for all Knape & Vogt domestic and international operations.
Rick McQuigg
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rick leads Knape & Vogt’s finance, information technology, legal and customer service teams.
Michael Cort
Vice President, Global Marketing
Mike leads the global marketing and engineering functions at Knape & Vogt.
Nino Granatiero
Vice President / General Manager, KV Industrial
Nino leads the KV Industrial Business Unit and is responsible for ensuring KV has a good product offer, provides great customer service and has a lean, optimized organization.
Marla Morales
Vice President, Human Resources
Marla leads the global Human Resources team for KV.
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